Wine Studies. Media-Trade-Culture

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Type of course:


Part-time (only weekends)


Language of instruction:

About the course

The English-language wine course is being offered under the auspices of „Czas Wina” Wine Magazine – the largest expert wine magazine in Poland.
The course presents unique opportunity for those who wish to diversify their journalist’s skills and become knowledgeable in the matters of wine culture and most important wine regions and appellations in the world. It is also directed to diplomats-to-be, future sommeliers, wine judges and experts of the wine markets. The course demands very limited chemical/biological background as most of the enological account will be presented in rather popular way.
The curriculum has been additionally adapted to fulfil the demands of the renowned Wine & Spirits Education Trust to allow our students to pass externally the WSET Level 3 Advanced examinations. For decades WSET Diploma has been the gateway to most prestigious professional positions in wine business (

Learning outcomes:
The course will let you master, practise and acquire:

  •   parametrical and descriptive wine tasting techniques
  •   knowledge about most renowned wines and wine varieties
  •   wine typology and various methods of winemaking
  •   geography of wine (including France, Spain, Italy, Central & Eastern Europe, New World)
  •   wine journalism and wine writing
  •   sommeliers’ training
  •   food and wine pairing
  •   world’s wine markets and principles of wine trade
  •   culture and history of wine and winemaking
  •   wine and health questions

The target audience:

The course is intended especially for:

  •   graduates from journalism, who wish to attain additional specialization in wine
  •   graduates from diplomacy studies, who wish to enrich their skills and knowledge regarding wine and restaurant savoir-faire
  •   other graduates, who wish to attain additional qualifications that will allow them to apply for sommelier’s and wine merchant’s position.