Social Media Marketing

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  1. Rodzaj studiów:
    II stopnia (magisterskie uzupełniające)
  2. Tryb studiów:

    (zobacz także: niestacjonarne)

  3. Język wykładowy:
  4. Czas trwania studiów:
    2 lata (4 semestry)
  5. Kierunek:

Are you interested in marketing and advertising? Would you like to formulate image strategies for recognized world brands? Enrol for a degree in Marketing in Social Media to gain comprehensive marketing knowledge as a management process. You will learn how to use social media to effectively promote companies, brands, political parties, public institutions, or non-governmental organizations. The curriculum is conducted in English, which means you can improve your language skills and increase your chances of finding a dream job in an international environment.

You will acquire the following skills:

  • how to use modern marketing techniques, especially those for social media;
  • how to prepare and implement strategies in social media;
  • how to creating campaigns and build relationships in social media;
  • how to use marketing research instruments and tools;
  • how to analyse the company’s image and effectuate changes to it;
  • how to brand a product and a company;
  • how business organizations communicate with market participants, customers, contractors, community representatives, political authorities, the media, and opinion-forming milieux;
  • how to think and act creatively;
  • how to communicate effectively with other people.


Career prospects:

  • advertising agencies,
  • public relations agencies,
  • internet portals,
  • marketing and promotion departments in international corporations,
  • national and international companies from various industries,
  • non-governmental organisations,
  • self-employment.


Supplementary benefits:

  • you will discover the main fields of activity in the marketing industry: analysis and planning; conceptualizing social media strategy; and the presentation of strategy to clients;
  • specialist subjects are taught by experienced industry practitioners who will reveal to you the specificity of the job from the inside;
  • some of the subjects—especially those in the field of ​​creation or strategy—take the form of a workshop allowing you to learn to use specific tools in practice;
  • you will get to know the international media market;
  • as the curriculum is conducted in English,  you will be able to improve your language skills and increase your chances of finding a dream job in an international context.


Dział Rekrutacji Collegium Civitas
tel. 22 656 71 89

pokój 1210, Pałac Kultury i Nauki, 12 piętro
plac Defilad 1, 00-901 Warszawa