International Relations

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  1. Rodzaj studiów:
    II stopnia (magisterskie uzupełniające)
  2. Tryb studiów:
  3. Język wykładowy:
  4. Czas trwania studiów:
    2 lata (4 semestry)
  5. Kierunek:
    Stosunki międzynarodowe

If you choose to enrol in International Relations you will acquire knowledge in contemporary international politics and learn about relations between actors on the international scene. This programme places particular emphasis on the issues that are necessary to explain the global dynamics of the modern world including globalization, security, terrorism, human rights, the European system of security and foreign policy. It comprises, amongst others, expanded courses in law, international economics, the conduct of negotiations in an international milieu, and the use of media in international relations and diplomacy.


You will acquire the following factual knowledge:

  • international relations,
  • law,
  • history,
  • economics,
  • media in international relations and diplomacy.


You will master the following key skills:

  • how to analyse domestic problems from an international perspective,
  • how to analyse a situation on the international stage and draw relevant conclusions,
  • how to negotiate in an international environment,
  • how to use specialist language pertinent to international issues,
  • how to use the media in international relations and diplomacy.


Career prospects:

  • ministries (e.g. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Interior and Administration, Ministry of Development);
  • security agencies;
  • government and local administration;
  • European Union institutions;
  • the media (press, television, Internet, radio);
  • cultural and social institutions;
  • consultancies;
  • departments for international cooperation in institutions and businesses;
  • public institutions and companies engaged in international economic cooperation;
  • international organisations and institutions;
  • research, analytics and expert centres;


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