International Relations

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  1. Rodzaj studiów:
    I stopnia (licencjackie)
  2. Tryb studiów:
  3. Język wykładowy:
  4. Czas trwania studiów:
    3 lata (6 semestrów)
  5. Kierunek:
    Stosunki międzynarodowe

The Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations at Collegium Civitas is an education programme aimed to everyone who is interested in international politics and relations between various actors on the international stage. Studying International Relations will give you the fundamental knowledge and skills to act globally.

This full-time Bachelors programme analyses and draws conclusions based on a critical understanding of key events in international politics. You will acquire a sound knowledge of international relations as a whole, including leading theories and schools of international relations. You will gain the ability to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of key international affairs by means of competent usage of theoretical and analytical tools drawn from international relations.

The courses are lead by former foreign and European ministers, ambassadors or CEO of think-tanks. It is aimed at linking strong theoretical and practical dimensions which is the right response to the nature of contemporary labour markets.



During the studies you will gain knowledge in:

  • international relations,
  • international politics,
  • macroeconomics,
  • law,
  • world history,
  • philosophy,
  • media,
  • diplomacy,
  • international negotiations,
  • international business.


You will gain practical skills in:

  • analysing and drawing conclusions based on critical understanding of key events in international politics;
  • critically assessing data, information and ideas;
  • developing a greater awareness of the key concepts and theories used to explain contemporary international events;
  • oral and written communication in international and multicultural environment;
  • presentation and negotiation.

Job prospects:

  • International-global organizations (for example the UN, World Bank),
  • Regional organizations (for example the EU, ASEAN),
  • Diplomatic service,
  • National parliaments,
  • Institutions of the European Union,
  • Think-tanks,
  • Non-Governmental Organizations,
  • International business sector.

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