Diplomacy and Negotiations in the Age of Information

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  1. Rodzaj studiów:
    II stopnia (magisterskie uzupełniające)
  2. Tryb studiów:
  3. Język wykładowy:
  4. Czas trwania studiów:
    2 lata (4 semestry)
  5. Kierunek:
    Stosunki międzynarodowe

Social media and current forms of communication have greatly influenced contemporary diplomacy, making it more interactive and subject to feedback from the public. However, as a result of the continuous development of new media, diplomacy faces challenges that our students then analyse in class with experts and practitioners. By choosing Diplomacy and Negotiation in the Age of Information, you will have the opportunity to develop a multidimensional perspective on contemporary diplomatic practice, as well as gain knowledge about interactions between international organisations and institutions rooted in different cultures. The curriculum is conducted in English, which means you can improve your language skills and increase your chances of finding a dream job in an international environment.


You will acquire the following skills:

  • how to use negotiation techniques;
  • how to analyse and elaborate proposals based on a deep understanding of key events in international politics;
  • how to manage in diplomacy;
  • how to use lobbying techniques;
  • how to evaluate data, information and ideas critically.


Career prospects:

  • embassies and diplomatic missions,
  • international organisations and corporations,
  • ministries,
  • public administration,
  • non-governmental organisations.


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