Research opportunities and student publications

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Research opportunities

Collegium Civitas students participate in a range of empirical research projects. They have researched ethnic relations in Pomerania, social problems in economically depressed regions and worked as field research coordinators during a survey of applicants for the Polish visa in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Other students have recently completed a research project on the changing public perception of the landmark Palace of Culture and Science, the home of Collegium Civitas. Another team has conducted a study of active forms of assistance aimed at reducing unemployment in a Warsaw suburb.

Student publications

Zeszyty Naukowe Collegium Civitas is a journal devoted exclusively to presenting our students’ academic work. Most of the articles published in the journal are outstanding papers written as a part of the contributor’s on-going course work but some are prepared specifically for publication in the journal. Papers presenting results from the empirical projects in which our students participate also feature. Our students have founded and play a major role in publishing the Stosunki Międzynarodowe (“International Relations”) monthly, which has gained considerable recognition throughout the country. Recently, the students of Collegium Civitas have published several issues of The North American Magazine. Getting involved in publishing these periodicals allows students to develop the substantive and technical skills essential in journalism and related fields.