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In June 2010, the Research Centre for Communities and Local Policies was established as a joint initiative of the CC and the Association of Local Activity Support Centre (CAL). The aim of the Centre is to generate and disseminate ideas and innovative solutions to problems in the field of public policies relating to the broad development of local communities. The Centre carries out its mission through a partnership of the scientific community and social life practitioners, based on constant research, analysis, educational activities and contact with local communities in Poland and Europe.
Objectives of the Centre:

1. deepening knowledge about the phenomena of civic life, social and cultural development through the study of the conditions of integration and community development, combating social exclusion and marginalization,

2. conducting interdisciplinary research on issues of sustainable local development and community development,

3.influencing the shape of the local, regional and national social policies through the preparation of diagnoses, studies and analyses,

4.development and promotion of qualitative and participatory research methodologies, and in particular the “action research”,

5.searching socio-educational methods and tools for the development of social, cultural and human capital, aimed at boosting the development and entrepreneurship of citizens and local communities,

6.applying for grants and implementation of projects of scientific research character and teaching and disseminating research results in this respect, undertaking educational initiatives, particularly in the fields of management of community development, animation of culture and local initiatives, social animation, animation of local and public policies,

7. international cooperation and exchanges with communities and research centres dealing with similar issues,

8.promotion of institutions, programs and people who carry out innovative activities in the area of ​​local public policies, educational and cultural activities.

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As part of the centre the project “Undiscovered dimension of the Third Sector – Research of un-institutionalised manifestations of a community” is currently being conducted, funded by the Civic Initiatives Fund. The project is being conducted by the Local Activity Support Centre CAL in research cooperation with Collegium Civitas. Exploratory research project concerns the specific type of the third sector – un-institutionalised civic initiatives. This study will help to identify and better understand the common features on un-institutionalised social initiatives, predict favourable and blocking factors in their environment and to contribute to the development of strategies for unregistered grass-roots initiatives. The final report will be published in two peer-reviewed books (each approx. 10 printed sheets) under the working titles: “Social land-scape Poland 2014” and “Autobiography of the social sector. The Butterfly Effect “.



“Animation of the Public Life”

Publisher: Local Activity Support Centre CAL

Editorial Collaboration: Local Activity Support Centre and Collegium Civitas


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