Latin America and Caribbean Research Centre

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The Latin America and Caribbean Research Centre is a joint initiative of Collegium Civitas and the Professor Andrzej Dembicz Foundation. The Centre will conduct research, organize teaching, and serve as an intellectual platform for discussion on economy, politics, culture and contemporary challenges the region faces.

The mission of the centre is to further studies on current economic, political and social developments in Latin America with regard to the international environment and the role of the region in today’s globalized world. Among the main research fields are the following:

  • International and multilateral cooperation between the countries of the region and the rest of the world
  • Regional and local economic and political process
  • Social developments in Latin America
  • Socio-cultural transformations in Latin American countries in the 21st century
  • Intercultural dialogue and political discourse in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • New social and political movements in Latin America

One of the first projects by the new centre will be the postgraduate diploma programme “Latin America: Business and Culture” with an innovative curriculum developed by academics and practitioners.

Professor Andrzej Dembicz (1939-2009) was a Polish scientist, leading expert in Latin American and Caribbean studies. The Prof. Andrzej Dembicz Foundation was established in 2014 by the Dembicz family with the mission to promote and support Latin American studies as well as to contribute to the development of aid to the region.

Collegium Civitas continues to rank high in the national university rankings in Poland. With a large number of renowned and distinguished lecturers, students from over 60 countries, numerous research projects and a wide range of studies in English, Collegium Civitas is a leader in the field of internationalization. With the Latin America and Caribbean Research Centre, Collegium Civitas continues to develop its international outlook.


Piotr Łaciński, PhD – Director of the Latin America and Caribbean Research Centre

Katarzyna Dembicz, PhD – Deputy Director