Collegium Civitas’ Think Tank

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Collegium Civitas’ Think Tank was created by a team of university experts – researchers, analysts, statisticians and experts in the exploration and interpretation of data.

The creation of a think tank at Collegium Civitas resulted from the need to use and coordinate staff and expertise of the University in the field of social sciences, political, international relations, diplomacy and security, new media and journalism. This is an emanation of the inter-institutional cooperation, which is using the knowledge and experience of persons belonging to the inner circle of employees in the CC.

Think tank’s activities are conducted in cooperation with the vice-rector for Scientific Research, but also under the guidance of scientific research institutes and research centres. Managers of these entities make up the Programme Council, which acts as an advisory, consultative body and sets main directions of the think tank annually.

THINK TANK works on a number of dimensions and areas:

1. The expert area – obtaining contracts and commercial projects generated by businesses and companies, central and public administration, as well as non-governmental sector, and the creation of expert teams carrying out these projects (on a success fee or commission);

2. Scientific research area – the expert activity reinforces individual and collective achievements of the University in the field of research, which make up the resources provided to the parametric evaluation (especially in the form of publications).

The four major emerging research topics are

– National and international security

– Digital culture and civilization

– Employers, businesses, trade unions

– Health policy and health management

3. Dissemination of knowledge – the results of business expertise and activity of the employees in this area have a strong impact on the effective dissemination of knowledge.