Coaching Center

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Coaching Centre is designed to take care of the standards in the education of future coaches and support them in the continuing improvement of qualifications. The main tasks of CCCC:

The centre ensures consistency of teaching in all fields of postgraduate studies related to coaching.

The centre offers regular meetings and workshops supplementary to the study program

The Centre assists graduates in improving the quality of work through a mentoring program and additional supervision

The centre creates a space for the exchange of experiences of coaches within the Coach Club

The centre aims to promote coaching by organizing scientific conferences

The creation of a credible and influential centre recognised in the environment of coaches is the main objective of this entity. It is realized also by promoting a positive image of the coaching profession.


Collegium Civitas Coaching Centre consists of: Iwona Kubiak (Director) and Kaja Kozłowska – co-founder of Life Coaching, Trainer and Coach, Career Coaching, founder of the Life Coaching Poland; Agata Podczaska and Joanna Bylinka from Happy More (Health Coaching), as well as Dorota Jużak (Management Coaching) .

You’re welcome to attend the INSPIRATION FORUM meetings / lectures – a place to exchange ideas, explore a variety of inspiring methods and assumptions about coaching. Meetings are directed not only to coaches, but also to all those interested in self-development. Meetings are held on Wednesdays, from 18.00 – 19.30.

Upcoming meetings 10.XII, 7 I, 4 II, 4 III, 8 IV, 6V, 10 VI


Iwona Kubiak

Student Coaching Club is aimed at enhancing the practical knowledge of the Collegium Civitas students in the fields of coaching. It was established to exchange views and experiences, practice selected techniques of coaching and organize the presentations of the practicing coaches. Meetings are held on Saturdays.


Pamela Kubica – President: