Centre for Research on Social Risks (CRSR)

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Acting within the organizational structures of Collegium Civitas, this research unit is dedicated to research and development, analytics and advice, education, as well as teaching and training.

The Centre deals with:

  • the research and description of phenomena, situations and mechanisms that entail the decrease in risk to the public, the economy, groups, individuals, economic entities, the state and local government,
  • the identification of risk factors in order to minimize or eliminate them and propose adequate methods of prevention,
  • the preparation, undertaking and improvement of prevention policies

The main areas of research include:

Risks and pathologies, the compliance of individuals and groups with the standards and principles of social coexistence, as well as the possibility of preventive actions in the following areas:

  • New social movements,
  • Subcultures,
  • New forms of religiosity and spirituality,
  • Destructive Sects,
  • New religious movements,
  • Radicalization of youth,
  • Adolescent development,
  • Acculturation of children and young people from immigrant families
  • Pathology and dysfunction of political and corporate leadership, as well as movements and other forms of organization of social life,
  • Pathology of economic life — including risks arising from the management model, corruption, fraud, nepotism, gaps in professional ethics and corporate culture,
  • Tools to improve organizational management and transparency of business — risk management, internal control, internal audit and related forms, compliance, CSR, codes of ethics, anticorruption
  • Methodology for the analysis of information as well as social and economic trends
  • Risk analysis

The main forms of CRSR activity are:

  • the popularization of knowledge connected with the main areas of research
  • the creation of a scientific database on the aforementioned areas
  • the analysis, processing and preparation of information collected and the formulation of research proposals addressed to decision-making centres
  • the publication of research results
  • the organization of conferences and seminars and other meetings with invited experts and practitioners
  • cooperation with research centres in Poland and abroad, as well as with non-governmental organizations
  • the organization of workshops and other education and prevention activities targeted at education and protective institutions as well as resocialization centres
  • postgraduate studies and training tools to improve effective and transparent management of public administration entities, local government and business organizations (i.e. in the field of internal control, audit, compliance, CSR, anti-corruption, fraud prevention, organizational culture, internal communications)
  • the formulation of propositions and supporting initiatives to solve economic and social problems
  • the implementation of expert commissions of a consultative and executive character.

The work of the CRSR is carried out by people representing different disciplines: sociologists, psychologists, political scientists, lawyers and economists. This enables an interdisciplinary look at the analyzed issues. The Centre is a platform for the exchange of thoughts, opinions, ideas, information, research results and experience. It is a collaborative place between lecturers — including other experts-practitioners — and students.

The Centre’s director is Dr Agnieszka Bukowska

E-mail: agnieszka.bukowska@civitas.edu.pl

The research team:
Prof. Jadwiga Koralewicz
Prof. Stanislaw Mocek
Prof. Tomasz Aleksandrowicz
Dr Agnieszka Bukowska
Piotr Caliński