Why Poland

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Why study in Poland?

The Polish educational system provides high quality services. Many Polish teachers and scientists gained international experience working at academic institutions all over the world, and have built reputations as exceptionally educated, creative and effective professionals. Now Polish and international students can learn from our highly skilled and renowned faculty. Tuition fees at Polish universities are lower than in most European countries, and the cost of living is considerably lower.

Poland provides very high standards of educations services, so if you are considering study abroad options, our country has a lot to offer. Modern teaching programs and numerous areas of academic research attract students from all over the world.

The current global economic downturn has not affected it as much as other European countries. In fact, as the only European Union member state, Poland avoided a decline in GDP, which means that in 2009 it experienced the highest GDP growth in the EU. In 2015 economic growth proceeded at the rate of 3.8 percent – again, one of the highest in Europe.
As a country experiencing dynamic economic growth, Poland offers great prospects for professional careers in many and varied fields.