Erasmus+ Program – a Q&A session

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Event Date: 2021-06-16

Meeting with the Erasmus+ and international exchange coordinator of Collegium Civitas.

During the meeting your most frequently asked questions regarding Erasmus+ opportunities for studies and internships will be addressed:

  • How soon do you need to start preparing for the exchange?
  • What application documents will be required?
  • What are the conditions for participating in the Erasmus+ program and internships?
  • Where will you find information on CC partner universities?
  • How to find an internship placement under the Erasmus+ program?
  • What is the duration of studies and internships within the Erasmus+ program?
  • What documents should be prepared to apply for an international internship?
  • When is it possible to take up an internship?
  • Can you exchange study after the first year of studies?
  • To which countries can you go for studies or internship under the Erasmus+ program?
  • and many more

When: June 16, 2021

What time: 18.30-19.30

Where: Teams

Link to the meeting:

 The meeting will be conducted in English.

 Join us 😊

* The Erasmus+ program allows students to go for studies or internships to one of the 33 countries participating in the program. Participation in the program allows you to receive financial support in the form of a scholarship, recognition of results and obtained ECTS points after returning from the exchange, and also allows you to improve your knowledge of a foreign language and develop competences appreciated by employers.