Our events

Photo contest – “Breathtaking Moment”

Club 3D-Diplomacy is starting its next project. If you wish to share an unforgettable moment, view or event of your life—something that has made you really happy and still excites you—this competition is for you.

Views on terrorism: The Psychology of Terrorism

Recognition of factors conducive to radicalization and recruitment of people to terrorist organizations is one of the most important tools for counteracting terrorist threats. The next meeting is coming up soon. You are warmly invited.

What Happened to the Police? Transformation of the Polish Police after 1989

What changes has the Polish police experienced in the last 30 years? How do Poles assess security protection enforcers and its officers? What sort of people are currently being educated in police schools?

Meet Your Boss

Would you like to work in international environment? Do you want to receive more information from multinational companies about their recruitment criteria’s? This event is for you!

The Future of South American Integration in the Context of Recent Political Changes

The Latin America and Caribbean Research Centre at Collegium Civitas cordially invites you to a lecture delivered by Dr Alexis Toribio Dantas, Vice-Dean of the Department of Economics at the State University of Rio de Janeiro.


The European Commission is setting out new EU-wide rules for the protection of whistleblowers. In order to explain the planned changes, the Centre for Social and Economic Risk Research at Collegium Civitas and nFlo Sp. z o.o. would like to invite you to the conference.

Prof. Blobaum, West Virginia University visiting Collegium Civitas

Professor Robert Blobaum from West Virginia University will give a series of lectures at Collegium Civitas! The lectures start on Monday, May 21 and are open for all Collegium Civitas students.

Poland and Ukraine: New Research

Does the present or the past shape identification with the national community? How do the governments of Poland and Ukraine conduct policies of remembrance? If you feel like it, we invite you to discussion.

The Role of Kurds in the Middle East

KRG Poland, the Center for Terrorism Studies of Collegium Civitas and the Kurdish-Polish Foundation are pleased to invite you to the Third National Scientific Conference entitled "The Role of Kurds in the Middle East".

Launch your Career in Poland

We will do everything we can to introduce you to the world of recruitment and make you feel comfortable in the Polish labour market!

International Migration Workshop for Collegium Civitas Students

Can migration be made safer? How can we take care of the citizens of Europe and immigrants from different parts of the world? How can we communicate migration-related matters in order to avoid problematic situations?


The aim of the conference is to present threats and exchange of views and practical experience on the medical aspects of terrorism. During the conference there will be presentations by experts in the field of terrorism and medicine in the context of broadly understood threats including medical protection.

How to be Successful at Work? The Concept of Team Roles® According to Dr M. Belbin

Are you successful at work? Everybody dreams about it, right? We would like to invite you to a meeting that will show you how to achieve it!

My Travel Story! – Share your experience

Do you like to travel? Would you like to go on a trip but can't decide on a destination? Would you like to listen to some interesting travel stories? Collegium Civitas' Student Council has the pleasure of inviting you all to our "My Travel Story! – Share your experience" event!

How to Survive a Terrorist Attack? Seminar with Collegium Civitas Experts

Both experts will talk about symptoms of danger, rules of behaviour in an emergency situation, first response and a variety of other related issues.


The Journalism Department invites you to take part in a seminar entitled “Biography and Career of the CC Journalism Graduate”. We will talk with Anna Kiedrzyńska-Tui, co-owner of the first PR Agency catering for NGO clients.

Seminar: "Support for Business in the Management of Risks Related to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)"

How can entrepreneurs effectively prepare for the implementation of the new law? How should we start our preparations for GDPR?

Views on terrorism – from a terrorist to a politician

Can terrorism be an effective tool for obtaining political goals? Can a terrorist evolve into a politician? Learn more about the history of terrorism on March 23 at the History Meeting House.

Biography and Career of our Graduate – Łukasz Kowalski

This is another meeting for enthusiasts and people interested in the answer to the question: "Is journalism worth studying?". Feel invited to our meeting!


Entrance is free for Collegium Civitas students who would like to join this conference! Are the standards of the advertisement industry high? How does the law regulate the advertisements?