We know the Board of the Student Council 2018!

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On January 11, 2018, Collegium Civitas held supplementary elections to the Student Council. 203 people took part in the elections. Students who joined the Student Council: Anna Maria Dombek (50 points), Tomasz Orłowski (49 points), Andrii Trehubow (33 points) and Marzena Siarkiewicz (32 points).

We congratulate the winners in the elections and wish them a lot of eagerness for fulfilling the pre-election promises.



Board of the Student Council 2018:

  • Dominik Owczarek,
  • Anna Maria Dombek,
  • Tomasz Orłowski,
  • Andrii Trehubov,
  • Marzena Siarkiewicz,
  • Weronika Przeorska