Students at Collegium Civitas have Elected a New Council

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Elections to the Collegium Civitas Student Council Board drew to a close on 9 November. There were eight candidates, five of whom won places on the board of the student council.

The electoral process took place in accordance with Collegium Civitas Student Council Regulations. The elections were conducted by ballot and by direct, equal and universal franchise.

After all 142 votes were counted, including one spoilt ballot, the Electoral Commission—comprising Jan Raszyński (chair), Anna Kochieva, Monika Krucz and Sveta Prokopiv—announced the following results:

– Bączkowski Piotr, 32 votes

– Chabuda Anna Maria, 34 votes

– Chepil Sofiya, 32 votes

– Graczyk Bartosz, 35 votes

– Kantorska Gracja, 66 votes

– Kurdej Urszula, 28 votes

– Owczarek Dominik, 64 votes

– Przeorska Weronika, 42 votes

The five candidates who achieve the highest number of votes are selected to take their place at the Collegium Civitas Student Council Board (ZSSCC).

We congratulate all the new members of the ZSSCC and thank the Electoral Commission for conducting and overseeing the whole campaign as well as the election itself.