The elections to the Student Council 2018

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THE LIST OF CANDIDATES (alphabetically)

Sofya Chepil

Hello There!

I am a very active person. I try to plan my time so that I can do as many interesting things as possible during the day. Below I present my main goals and plans. I am a candidate because I care about creating and maintaining at our university (my alma mater) an atmosphere motivating to action and effective development, inspiring to achieve the peaks of its capabilities!

  1. Organization of mentoring trainings with experts including:
  • how to manage your own life;
  • how to plan time effectively to make more progress;
  • with soft skills;
  • meetings on the establishment and development of your own business;
  • and many other interesting topics to implement. Bet on multilateral development! Define your ambitious goals, dreams and plan them effectively.
  1. “The world under the magnifying glass” – discussions on current global topics (eg political, economic), with the participation of a wide range of experts from various fields.
  2. Project “Report an idea!” – allowing students to express their comments, objections (eg through boxes in CC corridors, e-mail, etc.), where they could submit new ideas regarding student life (what is missing, what is too much, the atmosphere at the university).
  3. Business verification program. How often did you say that you do not have enough friends with a common hobby, and that you miss it? Or maybe you would like to try something new, and do not really know where to start or just want to immerse yourself in this atmosphere first? You say, and you have! 😊 The idea is to create special groups on facebook and not only to those who are interested in specific areas. This will help find your soul mate.
  4. International Club (CC students’ meetings from different countries, exchange of experience, inspiration, practice of foreign languages, nicely spent time).
  5. World cultures days (series of events promoting different world cultures, including customs and traditions, cuisine, games, films, learning the basics of these languages) – become a citizen of the world, do not build barriers!
  6. Development tours (discover your talents during the trip) in Poland and abroad.
  7. A plan to make information even more available to students without problems. Also showing support to students (when you are not sure what to do with this).
  8. Active, colorful student life: attitudes towards sport, thematic and integration events. Meet a lot of new people, broaden your horizons, get out of the comfort zone, because it’s worth it!
  9. A comfortable stay at the university: my goal – to contribute to the creation of a “total relax” zones, where students could rest, have a nice time in breaks (short and longer ones).

In this short plan, I have included the most important tasks and goals that I will try to pursue until i succeed!

Everyone has the right to make their dreams come true, everyone is in the best! CC student, I want to support you in the implementation of your plans and dreams and to help you find a way to success! I want every student to get the most out of these studies, develop and live a full life, because this is the best time for that!

Sincerely, Sofiya Chepil

Anna Maria Dombek

My name is Anna Dombek and I am a graduate of Asian Studies at SWPS University. I started my adventure with CC this year and now I am a student of international relations at the second level, specializing in diplomacy.

For two years I was an English teacher in the Chinese province of Henan, where I had the opportunity not only to improve my knowledge of Chinese, but also to learn the culture of China “from the inside”. During my two-year stay abroad, I managed to get in touch with people from all over the world, which encouraged me to travel further and learn about other cultures. I understood how important it is to tighten international ties and the willingness to understand each other.

I would like to use the experience brought with me to be able to integrate the so diverse national community of Collegium students.

An important issue for me is also scientific and professional development. I hope that in the future CC Student Government will organize trainings, meetings with professionals and student scientific conferences.

In my free time I watch movies from the Golden Age of the Hollywood era and I cook. I will try to ensure that there are also entertainment events at Collegium Civitas, such as “old-school” film screenings, lectures on long journeys, or even culinary workshops 😉

Tomasz Orłowski

Tomasz Orłowski is a first year student of Sociology: advertising, marketing, new media.
Tomek’s interests are strictly related to his faculty although he’s not only confined to front pages.
One of quite unusual ability of him is getting rid of any emotions while making decisions. Despite that Tomek is not being blind for any suggestions or advices.
One of his dream for people to never feel the fear of hunger and the world to be a better and more peaceful place.
Tomek is running for council candidate because he is not being passive for schools community problems, he wants to be a part of it!

Electoral program

  1. Sorting out student’s council structures by establishing sections suitable for Collegium Civitas community.
  2. Providing help for new students by creating groups via social media even before academic year.
  3. Arranging summer trips for our students to unconventional parts is the world.
  4. Collaboration in order to promote and develop initiatives created by our students
  5. Improvement the quality of social media as well as functioning of Facebook page.
  6. Extending amount of events organized by student council.
  7. Making communication among students and council easier. All your suggestions matter!


Tetiana Robulets

Marzena Siarkiewicz

Andrii Trehubow