New opportunities for studies within Erasmus+ Programme

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Collegium Civitas has extended the cooperation with the University of West of England (Great Britain) to Sociology Faculty for undergraduate students and the Leibniz University Hannover (Germany) to Business Administration for undergraduate and graduate students. Moreover, we have a new partner university from the Netherlands – Radboud University/Nijmegen School of Management in the field of Public Administration. You can start applying there for the upcoming spring semester 2018/19!

The University of West of England was established in 1992 and is ranked as one of the leading 25 higher education institutions in England for its graduate employment prospects. Sociology at UWE Bristol offers a great opportunity to explore and develop your skills, which will allow you to evaluate and to make a change to society or your community. Courses such us Digital Media and Society, Social Inequalities and Diversity, Comparing Cultures or Critical Thinking will help answer and discover issues such as the impact of global media communications and social network on culture and life or how globalisation affects the experience of childhood, the organisation system of the family or social and even political movements. And, according to National Student Survey from the UWE Bristol (2012), 91% of Sociology students are overall satisfied with the quality of the course. More info:

The Leibniz University Hannover is one of the oldest universities in Germany and has more than 2,000 international students. The Faculty of Economics and Management offers a programme in economics and business administration that integrates both microeconomic as well as macroeconomic perspectives including Strategic Studies, Empirical Economics, Law and Statistics. Students are studying e.g. how to connect and analyse facts and data, develop their communication skills relevant international projects or business relations. If you are interested:

The Radboud University/Nijmegen School of Management is giving an opportunity to study one semester or year Public Administration for Collegium Civitas undergraduate or graduate students. The University has about 20,000 students and offers approx. 250 courses in English dedicated to international students. The Public Administration Master programme at Radbound was named the best in its field by the Dutch Master’s programme information guide Keuzegids Masters 2018. Furthermore, Public Administration was awarded the Best Master’s programme according to the Elsevier magazine’s survey Best studies 2017 in the Netherlands. Courses are conducted for 4 weeks and finish with an exam/ assessment and then students can move to another lectures – this model helps focus on one main topic in order to extend your knowledge step by step. For more click here:

Learn more about Erasmus+ opportunities for Collegium Civitas students:

Collegium Civitas Students interested in participating in the exchange opportunities within the framework of Erasmus+ Programme are kindly requested to contact Ms. Anita Potrząsaj, International Relations Office at: Please, kindly note that the number of placements is limited.