Collegium Civitas – 3rd place in internationalisation among all universities in Poland

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Collegium Civitas has again been recognized by the 2016 Perspektywy Ranking of Higher Education Institutions for its internationalisation strategy and scientific potential.

We are pleased to inform you that in this year’s Perspektywy Ranking of Higher Education Institutions in the category of non-public graduate universities, Collegium Civitas came 7th out of the 70 non-public universities surveyed and 3rd in internationalisation among all universities — both public and non-public — in Poland. The category of internationalisation, in which Collegium Civitas is amongst the top institutions, takes into account not only the number of lecturers from renowned universities abroad, but also the multicultural character of the student population. Collegium Civitas is a leader in this category because it has, over many years, trained and educated future diplomats, media specialists and professionals in the world of global business. The University offers a wide range of degree and non-degree courses in English and has been well received by both Polish and foreign students.

Sociology came 2nd, and Journalism and New Media as well as International Relations came 3rd, amongst the non-public higher education institutions surveyed.

The latest Perspektywy [Perspectives] Ranking of Higher Education Institutions was published on 8 June 2016. The main criteria considered were prestige, innovativeness, scientific potential, scientific effectiveness, education conditions and the internationalisation of study. Highly acclaimed in the academic and scientific milieu, this is already the seventeenth edition of the ranking. The results are not only an important factor in school leavers’ higher education selection process, but also constitute a guideline for development amongst Poland’s major universities.

In the new academic year of 2016/2017 Collegium Civitas will introduce a new field of studies, Management. An original and innovative programme based on global trends in educating managers and backed by a world-renowned teaching cadre, it will be of particular interest to people specializing in human resources management, public relations and corporate social responsibility.

Since its foundation, Collegium Civitas has always endeavoured to maintain close relations with employers, which is why all our programmes take into account employment trends and actual demands of the labour market. Since we have placed particular emphasis on the practical dimension of management in the new programme, future graduates will, as a result, have the ability to operate in various fields of business and management in both local and international companies and institutions.

We look forward to next year’s Perspektywy rankings with the expectation of a good appraisal of the new programme in relation to the range of degrees on offer in Poland.