Between art and politics. Independent culture in Poland 1956-1989. Artists, audience, contexts

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The sphere of creativity and intellectual independence, was an extraordinary aspect of Polish history under Communist rule. It functioned in various dimensions and with varying intensity from October 1956 until the end of the system in 1989. The latest issue of the journal Wolność i Solidarność [Freedom and Solidarity, WiS] will focus on this subject. We are interested in papers on specific activities (independent press, theatres, cabarets, intellectual institutions,  underground publications), events (Festiwal Piosenki Prawdziwej [Festival of Authentic Songs], Tydzień Kultury Chrześcijańskiej [A Week of Christian Culture], Festiwal w Jarocinie [Jarocin Festival], exhibitions), social movements and artists. We look forward to receiving scholarly articles on such issues as the relationship between art and politics in an authoritarian regime, social and political thought from opposition artists and institutions, and the reception of independent Polish culture abroad. We also invite you to reflect on the following questions: how can contemporary Polish culture learn from pre-1989 experiences and values; which aspects of the ethos and aesthetics of underground culture has survived; and what has been lost in the transition to democracy.

You may equally send papers not related to the main topic of the forthcoming issue, but which fall within the general areas of interest of the journal: the history of opposition to communism and other authoritarian/totalitarian regimes in the 20th and 21st centuries; the problems of democratic transformation; contemporary independence/civil rights movements; and new forms of social mobilization. WiS is rated journal that features on the list compiled by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Please send your paper (making sure they follow publication guidelines as stipulated below to the address . Note that the editors also accept articles written in Russian, Spanish, Italian, German, English and French. Deadline for receipt of articles is 1 June 2017.