Przymusiński Michał, MA

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A scholar in Polish studies specializing in cultural management, Michał Przymusiński is professionally active in the field of securing new media penetration of the traditional media.  He is co-founder and board member of Crowley Media, a high-tech firm dealing with videos for social media. Having worked on the portal in conjunction with the BBC for the telecom company Netia, he created the first websites for HBO and Radio Zet. He was also the first director of the TVP’s Ośrodek Nowe Media [Centre for New Media], which constituted the framework for the state broadcaster’s presence on the internet. Furthermore, in cooperation with Polkomtel, he oversaw the first TVP transmissions to both mobile devices and—with Samsung and Sony—smart TVs. In 2010-2011 Michał Przymusiński gave a makeover to the TVP portal and came up with the idea of introducing a TVP VOD service——whose implementation he would subsequently manage. Within the TVP he directed a project to set up a digital archive whose aim was to find a way of digitizing the public broadcaster’s archives. In 2010 he managed the launch of the first public television high-definition channel, TVP HD. Creator of interactive strategies for media companies, he specializes in strategic consultancy in new media and is, amongst others, involved in the design of new media presence for the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum as well as working for NInA, the National Audiovisual Institute. He has, along with Michał Komar, co-founded the iPSB project—i.e. the on-line Polish Biographical Dictionary—patronized by the President of the Republic of Poland. In addition to his knowledge on planning and management, he possesses extensive technical proficiency in the field of internet technology and a deep understanding of the notion—as it is broadly understood—of “user experience”.