Communique for lecturers regarding prevention of the spread of COVID-19 virus within the Collegium Civitas community

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Dear Colleagues,

Further to the previous communication of 10 March with regard to the epidemiological situation in Poland and yesterday‘s decisions of the State authorities provided during a conference by the Prime Minister, the Minister of Health and the Minister of Science and Higher Education, and out of concern for health and safety for Collegium Civitas students and employees, the Rector in consultation with the Rector‘s Team hereby introduces the measures listed below.

Prof. Stanisław Mocek, Rector of Collegium Civitas

Dr Roland Zarzycki, the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs


Communication on the situation related to preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the university community

  1. Regarding the decision of the Minister of Science and Higher Education, all classes (including language courses, internships and physical education classes) shall be suspended from 11.03.2020 until 25.03.2020.
  2. Classes in full-time study programmes, which were planned for 11-25.03.2020, shall be made up for in the week preceding the examination session and in the first week of the examination session (i.e. from 8-19.06.2020).
  3. Classes in part-time study programmes, which were planned for 21-22.03.2020, shall be made up for in the first examination period (i.e. on 27-28.06.2020).
  4. The team appointed by the Rector shall prepare a plan for conducting the classes online. Detailed guidelines in this matter will be sent to you by the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs by e-mail on 18.03.2020.
  5. Provided that the current regulations regarding the suspension of classes are upheld by the state authorities and the university authorities, on-line classes shall commence on 26.03.2020 and shall continue in this form until further notice.
  6. Defence of diploma theses shall be suspended until 25.03.2020, and from 26.03.2020 they shall re-start online, provided that the current regulations regarding the suspension of classes are upheld by the state authorities and the university authorities. Detailed guidance on this matter will be gradually provided to you by the Office for Diploma Affairs.
  7. All University events (meetings, seminars, conferences, workshops, etc.) shall not take place at the university until further notice. This shall also apply to activities and events organised by student organisations and research groups.


In addition, please be advised that:

  1. All departments of Collegium Civitas function according to a modified set of opening hours (details:  but telephone or e-mail contact is recommended.
  2. On weekends the 14-15.03.2020 and 21-22.03.2020, the university will be closed without the possibility of entering its premises (elevators and staircases will be blocked).
  3. In accordance with the University Rules and Regulations, students have the possibility of de-registration and second-date registration for your classes if these courses are optional courses for them. Despite the COVID-19 emergency situation the deadlines for de-registration and second-date registration are not postponed. This means in particular that by 18.03.2020 (end of the day), the final lists of full-time students registered for your classes will be available to you in the Virtual University system, and these students will have access to teaching materials made available by you. Similarly, by 29.03.2020 (end of the day) this will be the case for part-time students.
  4. Students who currently study at our university on the Erasmus+ exchange programme will need to be examined according to the teaching calendar valid prior to the implementation of these regulations. This means that in these individual cases, the teaching process will have to be compressed. Please take this into account when planning the form of crediting of your courses.
  5. Contracts with part-time lecturers will be signed in an uninterrupted manner during the office hours of the Academic Affairs Office.
  6. Information for thesis supervisors: the deadlines for thesis submission for students who have applied for an extension and obtained a positive decision shall be extended free of charge by two weeks.

In the event where the current regulations are revoked, extended or tightened by the state authorities, we will keep you informed about any necessary updates and changes in the above-mentioned action plan, as well as about further steps taken to enable the participation of Collegium Civitas students in the didactic process.

We encourage you to follow the information on the university website and the Virtual University (Online Services) website, where you will find all up-to-date information and regulations adopted in view of the dynamic development of the situation related to the spread of COVID-19 virus. In particular, you will find there an up-to-date summary of information on the functioning of the departments and offices of Collegium Civitas, including the current hours of their availability.

Special cases and specific issues which are unusual and difficult to predict in the current circumstances shall be examined and solved individually on an ongoing basis. In any such situation, please contact the Academic Affairs Office or the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, who remain at your disposal at all times.

Please find attached the Rector’s Directive Collegium Civitas No. 07/2020 of 11 March 2020 on the actions taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus within the University community.

Rector’s Directive Collegium Civitas No_07_2020 from March 11 in the regard to actions taken to prevent the spread of the virus COVID-19 within Collegium Civitas community 

In addition, the instructions concerning health, prevention and hygiene set out in previous communications available at remain in force.