A Word from the Rector

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Dear Students,

Można [It is possible] is the title of a book that describes the founding and development of our university. “Można” also expresses an idea that we try to instil into our students. Its meaning is to open a person up for the mostly unpredictable world of tomorrow.
In essence, what we know about this world is that it is diverse, technologically advanced, and demands a constant readiness to take on new, unexpected challenges. Therefore, our primary objective is to educate people into being independent, and hungry for knowledge and new skills. And, above all, our students should be fully aware that personal satisfaction and professional success depends on their ability to function in a transdisciplinary milieu.

Collegium Civitas from the very beginning of its existence became known for its dynamism and creativity. It has quickly reached a very high position among non-public universities, and is one of the leaders among all universities in Poland in the category of internationalisation. Partners from Poland and abroad have been soliciting our cooperation in organizing joint projects. Students from over 50 countries around the world—including those participating in academic exchanges—come to take our courses and degrees.

We have developed modern academic and market-oriented curricula in Polish and in English (more than 40 specialist courses in four degree programmes and about 30 postgraduate diploma programmes). Our agreement with the British state institution Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge opens the way for our graduates to earn a dual master’s degree (Polish and British).

Cooperation with many actors from the business environment, administration, media, non-governmental organisations, and the public sector gives our graduates excellent diverse professional prospects in the local and international market.

I invite you to take part in a fascinating intellectual journey, during which your guides will be prominent lecturers and practitioners, who are professionals from the worlds of science, management, diplomacy, and the media. In an international atmosphere, together with friends from all over the world, you will seek solutions, share insights, nurture creativity, and above all, fulfil your professional ambitions and passions.

Prof. Stanisław Mocek

Rector of Collegium Civitas