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If you wish to pursue your passion, gain in-depth knowledge, meet people who have the same interest as you, become a member of one of our student organizations. Our students are very active and there are a lot of things happening at CC after classes. Find out more about student organizations operating at CC.

Students’ Self-Government
This serves as a basic social forum at Collegium Civitas. Student self-government operates on the basis of the Warsaw Higher Education Institutions Agreement. It participates in different types of conferences and events. Also, this organization represents CC in Students’ Parliament of the Polish Republic.
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Collegium Civitas Sociological Circle
This is a group of Collegium Civitas students, who wish to broaden their knowledge and use it in a creative and extraordinary way. The Circle conducts scientific research and organizes professional conferences.

Collegium Civitas International Relations Circle
This circle is focused on the projects aiming to develop students’ understanding of international relations. Members of the circle are in close contact with other student associations of this type as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations.

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a non-profit Europe-wide student organization.  The main goal of its Collegium Civitas branch is to facilitate the life of exchange students not only in our university but also in Warsaw and Poland in general.

With a small number of Erasmus and exchange students arriving every semester (approx 15-20), ESN Collegium Civitas is one of the smallest sections. Yet this facilitates the relationship between the section members and exchange students.

ESN CC provides a welcome at the point of arrival of the students, helps with the search for accommodation for the period of stay of the students, provides information about services in the city, organizes trips (namely Gdansk, Krakow, Zakopane), and assists in the attempts of the integration of students in the student life of the university. ESN CC is one of the most active sections of the Warsaw region in the Club Erasmus (organizing weekly parties for exchange students).

“European Ukraine” Research Club
The objective of the “European Ukraine” research club is to bring together students of various departments and act for the benefit of broadening the knowledge of Ukraine and Ukrainians. One of the key platforms of the club is the continuously growing YouTube.

Youth for Peace
The student association aims to engage the student community and promote youth participation in peace-building efforts through education, research projects and volunteering. “Youth for Peace” wants to develop and spread peace initiatives to become a recognizable student organization in both Collegium Civitas and the academic community. Students want to provide both lecturers and students with the necessary tools and theoretical knowledge in order for them to have the ability to become active creators of peace both in their communities and outside of them.


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