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Welcome to dynamic and astonishing city of Warsaw!

Warsaw will amuse you! Its unique atmosphere and energy makes this place one of the most extraordinary capital city in Europe. We are delighted to show you around this fascinating city.

Let’s discover what Warsaw has to offer!

Old Town

Charming area of the oldest part of the city attracts tourists and Warsaw citizens with its stunning architecture, laid-back atmosphere, numerous galleries and restaurants. This peaceful pedestrian area has many hidden gems and nooks just waiting to be discovered. The Old Town Square surrounded by strikingly beautiful buildings is a place where you can sit down in one of many beer gardens and experience an overwhelming feeling of going back to ancient times. The Old Town was completely destroyed during Warsaw Uprising, which took place during the Second World War. After the war Warsaw citizens invested impressive efforts to reconstruct their city with the utmost care.

New Town

The New Town district is located just behind the fragment of medieval fortifications of Old Town. This is a very lively area which offers great choice of restaurants and café bars. There are many elegant Baroque-style buildings and one of the oldest churches in Warsaw, dating back to the 15th century. In this beautiful surrounding you can taste a fusion cuisine, go for a walk along the charming little streets and take a pictures of Warsaw retro face.

Nowy Świat Street

Nowy Świat Street is a real charmer. In the past it was a place where nobility lived in elegant manors and palaces. Today you can still feel the elegance of the past as there are many monumental constructions around the street. In the same this is a very lively street, where you can sip a coffee drink in famous Starbucks or bite a delicious donut at Blikle’s – recommended by Warsaw citizens – pastry shop and café bar or you go for wild shopping in numerous boutiques. Nowy Świat is definitely fascinating combination of elegant past and dynamic present of Warsaw. Nowy Świat is popular among students who love spending free time in colorful, loud and inexpensive bars located at the back of the street – between Nowy Świat and Smolna Street.

Roof garden in University of Warsaw Library

This very modern library has a stunning garden located at the roof of the building, overlooking green area of Powisle district. This is actually the largest and most beautiful roof garden in Europe. The garden consists of two parts: the upper area is 2,000 m2, and the lower area is 15,000 m2, linked by a huge fountain of cascading water. Beauty and relaxing atmosphere of this place attract students, tourists and Varsavians. From the highest point of the garden you can admire a breath taking view – Wisła River, city center with Palace of Culture and Science and modern Swietokrzyski bridge.

Praga district

For decades Praga was considered a secondary and problematic part of the city with a lot of streets and places to be avoided due to safety reason. Today this is a fascinating district, featured with artistic studios, galleries and it is also a home for alternative theaters and underground clubs which are located in surviving post-industrial buildings. Walking in Praga you can find many streets which were not destroyed during World War II. So take a long stroll in Praga and admire some beautiful pre-war lamp-posts, sidewalks and apartment blocks.

Royal Lazienki Park

Many people consider this park the most beautiful place in Warsaw, but you need decide for yourself! In this park the beauty of nature meets amazing architecture. Serenity and calm overflow the place and make you feel care-free and relaxed. It is much more than a park, Lazienki plays a role of multifunctional institution, where cultural, scientific and entertainment events are regularly organized. This park is also a Mecca for music lovers. For over 50 years, in the area near Frederic Chopin statue, every Sundays during the summer season, crowds of tourists and music lovers have been listened to piano concerts of Chopin music.

Copernicus Science Centre

Copernicus Science Centre promotes modern science communication through the interactive exhibitions addressed to different groups of visitors (adults, adolescents and children), shows and workshops on scientific themes, debates and discussions as well as activities from the borderland of science and art. According to its founders the Centre was established to inspire curiosity, assist the independent discovering of the world, help to learn and inspire social dialogue on science. This new facility on cultural map of Warsaw is one of the largest and most modern institutions of this kind in Europe.


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