Credits and Grading

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European Credit Transfer System

Collegium Civitas adheres to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). We accept credits earned at participating universities while other ECTS institutions honor credits earned at our school.
To obtain ECTS credits for a given course, each student must earn at least a grade of “passing” (3.0 in Collegium Civitas). Depending on the required workload, courses at Collegium give 3 to 6 ECTS credits per semester, language classes give 3 or 6 credits.

Please, take a look at the grading scale at Collegium Civitas: Description of the institutional grading scale

Student’s progress evaluation

Depending on the specific course students’ performance can be evaluated on the basis of:

  • written or oral exams,
  • final papers,
  • teamwork tasks,
  • oral presentations,
  • empirical projects,
  • theses,
  • practical work or other specific tasks,
  • in-class active performance.