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First steps after arrival at Collegium Civitas

Upon your arrival get in touch with the International Office. You will be asked to take part in the Orientation Day, which is usually scheduled at the beginning of each semester.

Once in Warsaw you will get a login and a password to the Collegium Civitas Student Online Services. All further information concerning your study and other practical information you will find there.

Collegium Civitas offers courses of Polish as a Foreign Language to all incoming foreign students. You do not have to take it, but it may be a good idea to enroll! For further information please contact the International Office.

Student Identity Card

The Student ID (pol. legitymacja studencka) is the most important document. If you want to use libraries, reading rooms and to get discounts (like 50% off on city transportation tickets/passes), you will have to present your student ID card. Also, cinemas, theaters, museums, national bus lines and certain clubs offer discounts for students.

To get the student ID you need to be officially enrolled as a Collegium Civitas student and provide the International Office with a photo and residency address in Warsaw. At the beginning of each semester you need to have the ID validated to confirm your enrollment.

How to Enroll on Specific Courses

Upon your arrival, please visit the International Office and enroll in courses. You need to write down the titles of the chosen courses, the lecturers’ names, the number of ECTS points for each course and your student ID number (available at IO).

You are entitled to attend your first classes and – if you find them not really interesting – you have a possibility of dropping a course you do not like. If for any reason you decide to drop a course, or if you want to enroll on an extra course, you should fill in a Modification Card on-line. Remember that you are allowed to submit the Modification Card only once, and only within a strictly defined period of time at the beginning of semester.

If you have any questions about studying at our university as an exchange student, feel free to write to the International Office: international@civitas.edu.pl