Bukowska Xymena, PhD

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A sociologist by training, she is a lecturer at the Collegium Civitas Department of Sociology and the PAN Institute of Political Studies’ Department of Socio-Political Systems. In 1999-2000 she was a researcher and project coordinator at the Institute of Public Affairs. She has won research scholarships at the Technische Universitat Dresden and the Freie Universität Berlin. Her research interests include political sociology, theory of citizenship and civil society. She is also the editor and co-author of reports published by the PAN Institute of Political Studies including Polska-Niemcy. Wzajemny wizerunek w okresie rozszerzania UE (Poland-Germany. Mutual Perceptions during EU Enlargement, Warsaw, 2001)

Expert in the following fields for the media:  sociology of public affairs (theories of democracy, civil society and citizenship), theories of culture (cultural capital, cultural competences), theories of citizenship, and sociology of public life.