New Media and Journalism

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Core obligatory courses* – Journalism and New Media – 2018/2019 academic year

  • Analysis of Current International Affairs
  • Global Media: Discourse Analysis
  • Global Media: Politics of Conflict
  • Media Evolution: Past, Present, Future:
    • comprehensive review of the latest developments in the ever-changing media environment due to the exponentially advancing technological progress; discussion about the journalist’s work in the shadow of the global changes.
  • Philosophy
  • Professional Standards vs. Propaganda Agents
    • study of the BBC, CNN, AP and other news outlets’ ethical guidelines; discussion about the biggest challenges of being a journalist; in-depth analysis based on real-life examples of the most formidable menace to the journalist integrity.
  • Workshop: In-Depth Reporting
    • workshop in planning and producing in-depth features; study of a variety of narrative forms; mastering the skills of picking story subjects, developing reporting strategy, conducting research and interviews, and choosing an appropriate story form.
  • Workshop: Opinion Writing
  • Workshop: Real Time Journalism
    • course designed to equip students with practical knowledge and in-depth understanding of the current state of digital and social media; study of trends and forces that are shaping the media market as well as viewers/readers changing needs and behaviours.
  • Workshop: Research
    • study of practical and theoretical aspects of sound journalistic research, a crucial component of good journalism; testing most effective reaserch methods and techniques, and recognizing it as the key step towards writing rather than just gathering information.
  • World History 1914-1956
  • World History since 1956
  • BA Seminar
  • Internships
  • Physical education
  • Foreign Language

*Collegium Civitas reserves itself a possibility of slight changes in the list of courses.

Specialisation courses* – New Media and Journalism – 2018/2019 academic year

  • Documentary: Watching the World
    • screenings of outstanding documentary films, complete with their critical deconstruction during an open discussion; seeking to define master storytelling through careful film analysis.
  • Introduction to Online Journalism
  • Organizational Social Media
  • Public Relations
  • Workshop: Creative Writing
    • practical exploration of the fundamental aspects involved in the process of screenwriting, short story writing, as well as creative nonfiction writing; training in the literary expression of feelings, thoughts, and emotions allowing for further development of writing skills.
  • Workshop: Investigative and Political Reporting
    • training program in one of the most demanding forms of journalism; mastering basic investigative tools and techniques that allow to navigate around public information and hard-to-find materials; study in an increasingly popular non-profit newsgathering practice.
  • Workshop: Lifestyle Journalism
    • practical module designed to teach students to write an engaging portfolio of lifestyle features; examination of modern lifestyle print and online media; training in researching and producing features in line with contemporary lifestyle journalism genres.
  • Workshop: Multimedia Content
    • training course in creating engaging multimedia content like videos, sound and visual files using mainly freeware tools; recognizing that intermixing of different media types has become an integral part of exceptional online storytelling.
  • Workshop: Press Interview
  • Workshop: Radio Feature

*Collegium Civitas reserves itself a possibility of slight changes in the list of courses.


*Note: Collegium Civitas reserves itself a possibility of slight changes in the list of courses.

The course is offered only if a required minimum number of students enrol.

After having successfully completed this program, students will be granted a diploma of Licencjat in Journalism and New Media, specialization: New Media and Journalism.

Poland conforms to the guidelines from the Bologna Process in European higher education. Degree awarded upon graduation is: Licencjat (first cycle studies; the Polish equivalent of the Bachelor’s degree; similar to BA title). Upon graduation, the Student receives a Diploma of completion of studies together with a Diploma Supplement (copy of the Diploma translated into English, describing the degree, level and specialisation).


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