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Professional International Internship Programmes for English Speakers

Gain international work experience and spend
a lively summer in the heart of Europe!

Internships are the best way to gain hands-on experience in your area of study. Summer internships are considered to be especially useful as they allow you to dedicate yourself to the position without interfering with your classes and other educational commitments. If you decide to take part in a foreign internship programme you will have a unique chance to gain a truly multi-cultural experience by combining a work & learn opportunity with the excitement of travelling abroad. In addition, such an internship program will give you the perfect opportunity to expand and diversify your work experience, which you can later include in your professional portfolio and resume; as a result, you will increase your competitive chances to meet the high demands of the labour market.

Don’t hesitate – think about the future and make the most of the present!
Collegium Civitas offers the best internship programme in Central Europe!

Our fun and challenging summer programme is now in its sixth year. As an academic institution dedicated to our students’ intellectual and professional development, we have forged close ties with a wide range of enthusiastic, dynamic, English-friendly institutions and foundations, as well as private and public companies based in the capital of Poland. It is worth bearing in mind that since the English speaking student is considered a true asset to our internship programme partner institutions, you can expect more attention from your mentors with the possibility of receiving a more responsible role than you would otherwise have as an intern in your native country.

The internship programme includes the following benefits:

• First-hand knowledge, valuable contacts, resume building experience
• Internship placement in the most prestigious Polish institutions
• Assignments suited to your interests and professional goals
• Practical assistance to make your stay in Warsaw comfortable

Collegium Civitas is a small non-state university, dedicated to the well-being and continuous support of its students. We encourage you to become a member of our community for the length of your stay. From the moment you express interest in our programme until your final moments in Warsaw, we will support you in every aspect of your Polish adventure. We will monitor your internship, communicate with your mentor, and evaluate the internship at the end. We will organize academic courses suitable for the whole group, enhancing your academic experience here. To ensure you a comfortable stay in our city, we will help you arrange for accommodation in Warsaw, take you on cultural and field trips, and to social events. We will even pick you up from the airport and see you off when you leave. You will also receive a mobile phone for the length of your stay, a public transportation pass, medical insurance, and lots of personal attention.

We invite you to peruse our list of partners and visit their sites to explore their offers. If you do not see an organization suitable for you, please get in touch with us, and we will assist you to find one that is.

Should you have any questions, our dedicated staff in Warsaw can be contacted by email:

All candidates are asked to contact Collegium Civitas at