International Peace and Conflict Studies

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  1. Degree:
    Master’s degree (graduate; Magister)
  2. Mode:
  3. Language of instruction:
  4. Duration of study:
    2 years (4 semesters)
  5. Field of study:
    International Relations

International Peace and Conflict Studies (IPACS) is an innovative and interdisciplinary program which is aimed at empowering students to:

  • understand the root causes of violence and international conflicts;
  • develop practical skills necessary for the process of conflict transformation/resolution and peaceful social change;
  • develop and deploy peacebuilding strategies at different levels of a conflict.

IPACS combines the knowledge from such fields as: international relations, sociology, psychology, international law, economy, human rights, security studies, and others to generate a comprehensive body of knowledge, and to arrive at 21st century solutions to 21st century problems.

What distinguishes this program from others is a holistic and practical approach which enables students to develop new ways of thinking about current global problems. After the completion of the program, students will be able to critically analyze current events and policy decisions, and will develop the skills needed to effect change both at the community and at the high policy level.

The mail goal of this program is to transform students into well-educated and skilled practitioners (peacebuilders) who will be prepared for both the varied job market of their profession as well as its rewards and hardships. Therefore, students will also be enrolled in the professional and personal development two-semester course.

Who enrolls in IPACS?

This program is designed for those who do not want to just observe world events but who want to take actions that transform violent conflict into just and prosperous social change.

Those who want to be the leaders of tomorrow are those who enroll in IPACS.

The program encourages both current university students (and recent graduates) of such programs as international relations, sociology, psychology, security, art and others, as well as professionals, who want to take their career to the next level, to apply.

Graduate employability

International Peace and Conflict Studies are designed to enhance students’ theoretical and – most importantly – practical knowledge and skills in a changing European and global environment. Graduates will be able to pursue their careers in the broadly understood field of peacebuilding in various global, regional and local settings.

Some career opportunities include: policy advising; research and analysis; human rights protection and advocacy; mediations/negotiations (both community and international level); education; program development in NGOs, international organizations (eg. UN, NATO, EU, OSCE) and programs; grassroots-level initiatives (including art) and socially-sensitive businesses.

If you want to learn more about the program, please contact:
Katarzyna A. Przybyła
Creator and Supervisor of International Peace and Conflict Studies Program
International Peace/Conflict & Policy Analyst, Fulbright Scholar 2014-2015, GMF’s Marshall Memorial Fellow 2017-2018


Collegium Civitas Admissions Office
phone: +48 508 929 652

room 1210, Palace of Culture and Science, 12th floor
1 Defilad Square, 00-901 Warsaw