Stosunki Międzynarodowe / International Relations:

Biznes międzynarodowy i negocjacje/International Business and Negotiations

2-Year MA programme in International Business & Negotiations

The International Business and Negotiations programme gives students an in-depth knowledge and understanding of local and multinational connections. It teaches students to think critically and creatively and also how to communicate effectively within international settings.
The wide range of teaching methods prepares students for a variety of careers. Our graduates can apply for excellent jobs with great employers from private sector organizations as well as multinational companies and the public sector i.e. Department of Treasury, Finance, Foreign Affairs and Trade.There is an important feature about our programme, which is the international context that is so important in International Business environment.

During the studies, students choose from a range of specialized courses in the key functional areas of International Business and Economics, such as advanced business practices, ethics, economics, law, marketing, finance and accounting.This allows students to tailor the degree to meet their career needs and aspirations. The programme addresses different aspects of globalization, regionalisation and intercultural approaches to international business. The specialization is enhanced by the “Quantitative Research Methods” course that equips students with competencies in research methods and advanced International Economics. The major objective of the specialized courses is to help students extend their professional and academic knowledge in the field of international business. Some of the scientific areas of interest are continued from the Bachelors’ programme, although during Masters’ programme students have the possibility to gather more advanced and professional knowledge and skillsets.

Today’s business world is driven by competition, increased internationalization and a global market place. This is true not only for large international and multinational companies and organizations, but also for SME’s. Multinational firms therefore seek an increasing number of professionals who do not only have a in-depth knowledge in business, but are also able to work in a cross cultural environment.

Our programme in International Business and Negotiations at Collegium Civitas is designed to prepare our students to meet this challenge, because it takes into account the highly sensitive nature of cultural differences. The knowledge of other cultures is crucial for being a successful international business leader. The programme has a unique and distinct profile, which provides students state-of-the-art skills and knowledge in core business disciplines, enriching them with an international focus.

This programme offers advanced teaching in International Business rooted in knowledge of the economic, legal, political, cultural and international aspects of doing business. The programme is based in Warsaw, which gives students a direct access to the region, including information about scientific conferences, important journal articles, economic news and also information about possible thesis topics and methodology. The purpose is to impart a deep understanding of the complexities of internationalization and to prepare students for careers which require sophisticated knowledge of the nuances in the area of business, consultancy and strategic advisory or international affairs.

Supervision and tutorials are provided by Dr. David. E. Kalisz
David E. Kalisz is Doctor of Economic Sciences in the discipline of Management Science. He earned his PhD degree in the Faculty of Management Theory (Warsaw School of Economics). He is the author of numerous scientific articles on Competitive Strategy and New Media. University lecturer in the field of Strategy, Management in the New Economy and Digital Media. He has also taken part as a lecturer in international MBA programmes abroad, i.e. Institute of Management Technology (India) and Tiffin University (USA). In his business life, he runs his own consulting firm and works for Polish Television, where he is responsible for the content acquisition of VOD licenses and development of TV’s new media. He also completed postgraduate studies in Aviation Management at the Institute of Aviation Air Force Defence (National Defence University). 
Privately he is focused on long-distance running, and most of his free time he spends on learning French.


Objectives and learning outcomes

As a result of this programme students will achieve the following goals:

Students will have advanced knowledge of theories and their practical application in order to understand specific business functions and processes, including International Business and Economics
Students will have command of legal methodology for case solutions
Students will be able to solve complex business problems by applying quantitative methods
Students will be able to identify, analyse and handle the challenges of global sustainability and develop awareness for social and corporate responsibility
Students will be able to apply analytical and critical thinking skills to complex problems
Students will recognize ethical issues and conflicts that can arise from their business activities and account for them accordingly. Additionally students will be able to develop business ethics strategies and apply them effectively
Students will be aware of responsibilities of international community membership
Students will be able to express ideas and arguments clearly and convincingly through development of oral skills (in presentations) and written communication skills (in effective writing)
Students will be able to work effectively in teams by performing practical tasks
Students will be armed with the skillsets to become successful as business professionals in private firms and non-/governmental institutions

Wide range of teaching methods

  • traditional lectures
  • seminars
  • interactive learning (case study analysis)
  • individual supervision for International Business group
  • students will be encouraged to prepare their Bachelor Thesis in accordance with their field of interest – International Business

Employment prospects
The programme International Business and Negotiations provide a wide range of employment options and career tracks. The career path could begin in a variety of sectors and disciplines, such as finance, marketing, international affairs at least medium entry-level positions in an organizations’ structure. Collegium Civitas International Business and Negotiations graduates enter the job market with excellent international career prospects.

Typical areas of employment include:

  • commercial companies
  • non-profit organizations,
  • government agencies,
  • export departments,
  • international sales and marketing,
  • scientific institutes,
  • academia.

The programme also gives students a thorough understanding of management in international business and complementary disciplines, allowing them to start their own successful business. Graduates have all-round expertise in business functions and management skills to manage integrated business processes.

Note: Collegium Civitas reserves the right to alter the content of any course and at any time.

The course is offered only if a required minimum number of students enrol.

After having successfully completed this programme, students will be granted a diploma of Master of Arts in International Relations, Specialisation: International Business and Negotiations.