Stosunki Międzynarodowe / International Relations:

Media, dyplomacja i negocjacje międzynarodowe/ Media, Diplomacy and International Negotiations

3-Year BA Programme in Media, Diplomacy and International Negotiations


Media, Diplomacy & International Negotiations at Collegium Civitas is an education programme through which students gain knowledge on how to understand and efficiently use the correlation between diplomacy and the media. This 3-year, full-time BA degree programme is directed to students interested in diplomacy coupled with modern trends in media. Students learn how decisions are made on an international level, and how to influence them by using adequate negotiation techniques. The curriculum of the programme analyses and makes conclusions based on the critical understanding of key events in international politics. Techniques surrounding interpersonal communication and negotiation are also actively implemented.

Furthermore, the programme is intended to provide students with an introduction to inter-state relations in a continuously transforming international system. Centering on the 21st century, it looks at the historical origin of the current international system, at the relations between states in areas of diplomacy, collective problem-solving, and at the role of international organizations, such as the United Nations, in mediating these relations. Completing the Media, Diplomacy and International Negotiations programme provides students with knowledge-based awareness of international relations, as well as obtaining the leverage in the competitive market of media and politics-related employment.

Supervision and tutorials are provided by Professor Paweł Dobrowolski.
Professor Dobrowolski is a historian, diplomat, Ambassador in the Polish Foreign Ministry, MA 1977 (Warsaw University), Ph.D 1982, Assistant Professor of History 1998. Consul General in Edinburgh 1990-95, Ambassador in Canada 2000-2004, in Cyprus 2009-2013, Deputy Director Minister’s Office 1995-2000, of American Department 2005, Director of Information Department MFA 2006, Foreign Office Spokesperson 1995-2000, post doctoral studies in Rome (Vatican) 1984-84, Paris 1987. He is the author of numerous books & articles on early modern European History, the Professor of International Relations in Collegium Civitas, Warsaw. His spare time activities include: chess, reading and wine tasting.

Objectives and learning outcomes
This course will help students to, inter alia:

  • develop knowledge on history of diplomacy, international law and diplomatic protocol
  • successfully use techniques of negotiation and interpersonal communication
  • acquire a sound knowledge on the media market (Internet, TV, press and radio)
  • make use of appropriate information sources, especially via the Internet
  • analyse and make conclusions based on critical understanding of key events in international politics
  • acquire a sound knowledge on using diplomatic tools in the information age
  • develop interpretative and analytical skills

Employment prospects
Upon completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Media, Diplomacy & International Negotiations, graduates are well-prepared to launch successful careers, whether they be with embassies or cultural institutions, international organizations or in the media. This will include:

  • ministries
  • international organizations
  • EU institutions and agencies
  • non-governmental organizations
  • embassies
  • public and regional administration
  • private and public media
  • consulting companies.

In addition to the above:
Elective Courses

Note: Collegium Civitas reserves the right to alter the content of any course and at any time.

The programme is offered only if a required minimum number of students opt for it.

After having successfully completed this programme, students will be granted a diploma of Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, specialisation: Media, Diplomacy and International Negotiations.